Thursday, 29 May 2014

Amazing Beauty Hacks!

Found this on StumbleUpon and had to share with you guys!

Get Gorgeous Now: Six Amazing Beauty Hacks
Courtesy of: Infographic Journal

Saturday, 17 May 2014

How To Hula Hoop For Beginners - Step By Step Guide

Hey there!

I have created this step by step guide on how to hula hoop for beginners to help start you on your hooping journey! Whether you are hula hooping for weight loss or learning to hoop dance this guide will help you on your way!
How to hula hoop for beginners:

Step 1 - Hold your hula against the small of your back, keep your hoop on a flat plane and don't let it droop, this is very important as you need good control of your hoop!

Step 2 - Stand with one foot in front of the other with your feet flat on the ground.

Step 3 - Give your hula hoop a firm push around your body and begin swinging your hips forward and back (you do not do circular motions with your hips) this is a push pull movement that comes from swinging your hips back and forth. When the hula hoop touches your belly you push forward and when it travels round to your back you push back. Again making sure your feet stay flat on the ground and you're not lifting your heels or toes. 

Step 4 - Keep your knees soft as this will allow a better range of movement from your hips. Stand up tall and keep your shoulders back and down. Try looking forward and becoming aware of when the hoop is crossing over your stomach and back. This will help your body synchronise with the hula hoop.

Step 5- Remember to breathe, smile and have fun! You've taken the first step to a new you :)

I hope this guide has helped you to hula hoop! 

Share if you know anyone else who would love to hula hoop and check out my youtube for Hula Hoop Tutorials

P.S Don't be discouraged if you drop the hoop a lot at first, it took me a full week to get the hoop spinning more than 1 revelation, keep at it because you will still be burning calories! :)

Let me know how you get on in the comments below,

Until next time,

Carly x

Friday, 9 May 2014

Cute And Easy Hairstyles - Super Quick!

Cute and easy hairstyles with fringe/bangs!

These easy hairstyles would be perfect for festivals, days out shopping or anywhere in a hurry! It literally took me like 2 minutes to do each one..

Twist to the side!
- Grab some hair from above your ear and start twisting it in towards your head
- As you go keep taking sections of hair from the nape of your neck until you reach your other ear.
- Secure with bobby pins by pushing them up in the twisted hair and then down against your scalp (you may need several bobby pins to secure.
Cute and easy hairstyle "twist to the side"
- At the front I grabbed some hair above my ear and twisted it backwards to meet the hair I had already pinned to the side.
- I pinned this hair softly covering my ear.
- If you have time you could curl the remaining hair for a more polished look

Horizontal Roll
- Pull the hair back into a pony tail, don't use a hair elastic though otherwise you will be able to see it.
- Hold the hair in your right hand and roll it over your middle and fore finger, in towards your head.
- Secure with bobby pins by pushing them up and then down into the hair.
- Pull some sections out the front for softness and curl if needed!
Cute and easy hairstyles "Horizontal roll"

Cute and easy hairstyles "Horizontal roll"

Rope Braids
- This is literally so easy,  grab some hair about 3 inches wide.
- Separate hair into 2 sections and twist around each other.
- Loosely pin the rope braid under some hair at the back of your head. Don't pull the braid too tight around your head or it won't look as soft.
- Secure by pushing bobby pins up into the rope braid and then down into the rest of your hair.
- Repeat on opposite side!
Cute and easy hairstyles "Rope Braids"

Cute and easy hairstyles "Rope Braids"
I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time,
Carly x

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Amazing Eye Makeup!

Hey there!

Have you ever seen eye makeup like this before?! I'm in love!...

My sister shared a link on my facebook page which led me to a very talented woman called Tal Pateg check these out!

I love everyone of those, she has more on her Facebook! Check out for more..

Follow my blog for more make up fun!

Until next time,
Carly x

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hula Hoop Dance Routine - Learn A Fun Hoop Dance Sequence!

Hi there!

If you enjoy hula hooping as much as me then you'll love this fun hula hoop dance routine that I created for your hula hooping pleasure! ;)

This is a great place to start practicing your flow and putting some moves together, don't worry if you don't get it first time.. practice makes perfect!

Let me know how you're getting on learning this fun hula hoop dance routine/sequence.

Until next time,
Carly x

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

How To Hula Hoop And Get A Flat Stomach!

Are you desperate for a flat stomach, or how about six pack abs! ...

How to get a flat stomach? Hula Hoop of course!

Since summer is nearly upon us here in Scotland, it's time to seriously start getting rid of this annoying baby belly and there's no better way to achieve a flat stomach than by hula hooping with an adult hula hoop! (Did I mention it's also exceptionally fun, addictive and good for your brain too!)

It's not always easy obtaining a flat stomach, especially for us woman who store fat around our mid drifts as part of our genetic make up! However, hula hooping really helps to fight the flab (by burning up to 100 calories every 10 minutes!!!) and tones those abs for a lean, flat stomach!

Ok.. get to the good bit Carly!..

So the reason I'm writing this post is to share with you some awesome ways to tone your stomach for the upcoming bikini season, using only a hula hoop.

I took the time to make these tutorials to help women who are looking to lose weight, tone up and generally look and feel healthy but can't seem to stick to the gym or running or any other boring exercise methods. It's also easy to fit into your daily routine as just 10 minutes a day will make a difference. If you can do 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day.. even better!

(This is me being filmed talking about the benefits of hula hooping)

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So here are some beginner moves that you can do to supercharge your ab workout..

The Limbo

How to do the limbo:
- Hold the hoop around your waist at an angle.
- Lean back but DON'T put strain on your back, only lean back until you feel tightness in your abdominals.
- The movement is coming from your legs, by bending your knees and springing up you will keep the hula hoop spinning
- Reach your arms up to elongate your core.
- Keep doing the limbo for as long as you can, don't worry if you keep dropping it at first, you will still be benefiting from the cardio and ab workout by practicing!
- Try and build up to 10 minutes 3 times a day.

The Bunny Hop

How to do the bunny hop:
- Lean forward, keeping your back straight (think of bending forward from your hips instead of bending your knees), keep your chin up and look forward (looking down encourages a curve in the spine).
- Engage your abdominals by 'squeezing' your abs
- Push the hula hoop around you at an angle as shown in the video and start a bouncy springy movement.
- Keep practicing, people rarely get the move on the first try! You will still be benefiting from the workout by practicing :)
- This move is amazing for toning the buttocks, thighs, abs and strengthening your back!

And Finally..

Bunny Hop To Limbo - Combining the two moves for a super fun workout (and impressive hoop dance move!)

This is just the tip of the iceberg for hula hoop fitness. There are sooooo many exercises and routines that you can practice to keep hula hooping fun and addictive! You literally work every muscle group and burn calories while smiling, laughing and having a great time!

Let me know what you think of this post? Do you already hula hoop or are you going to give it a try? Leave me a comment :)

Until next time...

Carly x

p.s check out for more hooping advice!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Beautiful Bridal Hair - Vintage Style

Hey there,

I really wanted to share with you a vintage bridal hair up that I did the other day..

The bride was a beautiful 'English Rose' and wanted a loose floaty up-do to compliment her dress.

Here is what I did..

Obviously not as glam with the checked shirt and glasses on! LOL

But check her out with the completed look (and professional photography by

Simply stunning!

If you would like know how I achieved this vintage bridal hair up look then drop me a comment below! 

Until next time...

Carly x

Monday, 28 April 2014

1920's Hair and Make Up Look!

Hey there!

Today while the kids and other half were out I had a bit of time to try out a 1920's hair and make up look.

I was inspired by the film 'The Great Gatsby' which is a visual feast.. freakin' love that film!

Anyway here's the look I did, I used all drugstore affordable make up :)

Eyes -
Firstly I used a collection jumbo eye pencil all over the lid and under the eye and smudged any harsh lines.
I then used a Sleek make up palette called 'Oh so special' and used 'Celebrate' colour all over the lid and into the crease.
I then blended 'boxed' into the crease and towards the brow and finished with 'the mail' towards the eye brow to give a nice gradual colour.

Eyebrows - I used 'boxed' to fill in my eyebrows and extended the tail to enhance the typical 'sad' look from the 1920's

Face - I used Revlon Photoready foundation in 'vanilla' then set with ELF HD translucent powder to set. I used a bright pink Make Up Academy blusher (can't find the name) on the cheekbones.

Lips - I lined my lips with a black eyeliner and then filled with a Barry M deep red lipstick. I made sure not to take the colour all the way to outer corner of the lips as I wanted a 'pouty' look.

Hair -

My hair is normally past my shoulders but for this look I halved my hair into 2 sections from ear to ear and twisted and pinned the bottom section into a mini bun. 

I then curled all the top section and pinned it into the bun to give the rounded 'bob' look.. I also added a headband which was very flapperish that I picked up in primark for around £1!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave a comment with any questions or just to say Hi!

Until next time..

Carly x

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Amazing Make Over! Hair and Make Up*

Hi guys,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making over my big sister. She was down visiting and badly needed her  hair coloured, so I thought why not just do a before and after hair and make up!

So here's what I did...

As you can see from the before picture she had A LOT of regrowth and wanted to go more blonde.. 

I used RUSK Deep Shine colour to achieve this look I foiled the whole top section of her hair using 2 shades of blonde and bleach, I then flooded her roots with a medium brown. I tried a different foiling technique (always trying new hair things on my sis) and was really pleased with the results.

Here's what I did for her make up..

- Firstly I moisturised Lauren's face with Nivea so soft moisturiser and primed with ELF mineral infused primer.
- After that I concealed any red area's with collection concealer in light.
- I then mixed MAC studio sculpt and revlon photoready foundation to create a good match for her skin and applied it using an ELF foundation brush. 
- Next I contoured her cheekbones and nose with MUA matte bronzer and applied a MUA blusher.
- Lastly I highlighted the top of the cheekbone and down the nose with the MUA highlight powder.

- I applied NYX Jumbo pencil in milk all over her eyelid, this acts as an eye primer and helps the colours to pop. 
- I then applied a light pink/purple shade all over her lid, followed by a darker purple on the outer corner and in the crease then blended.
- I then did a cut crease style with black matte shadow from MUA undress me too palette.
- In the corner of the eye I used a light shimmer shade from MUA undress me too palette, I also applied this below the eyebrow and blended.
- I then lined the eyes with a gel eyeliner on the upper lid and lower outer corner and created a flick.
- After this I cut some false lashes in half and applied to the outer corner of her eye. I feel this is a more comfortable way to wear false lashes and also gives a lovely cats eye effect.

- I applied Collection 'Vintage Rose' all over the lip.

That's all there was to it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, leave me a comment if you want links to any products I used or any more info..

Until next time,
Carly x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

#elfEyeliner Competiton On Facebook

Hi there,

I woke up this morning, checked facebook on my phone and on my news feed was a post from Elf Cosmetics about their eyeliner competition.

Basically if you upload a picture of your eyeliner and it gets the most likes you win £50 of Elf Cosmetics.. eh yes please!

So I got my make up bag out and got to work.. here is what I did..

Wish me luck :)

I actually used an Elf eyeshadow palette for this look and NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk and some fast stroke eyeliner.

Do you find it easy to apply liquid eyeliner? Leave me a comment and let me know :)

Until next time..

Carly x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Make Over Before And After : ELF and MUA products used!

Hey there!

This is a make over I did on a friend of mine last week. She told me she was struggling to find a foundation that suits her skin so I used my own products to show her how to apply her foundation and also match the right colour.

Here's how I did her make over..

-Firstly I used ELF mineral primer all over the face
-I then concealed any blemishes and red area's with Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (love the wake me up foundation).
- I then applied the ELF Flawless Foundation in Sand all over the face, I read on a pro make up artist forum that this foundation was great for the price (around £7) and it is!
- I then primed the eyes with ELF Eye Primer and applied the eyeshadow from the MUA 'Undress Me Too' Palette.
-I used liquid eyeliner to line the upper lid and applied false lashes that I purchased on Ebay.
- I lightly contoured the face with an MUA Matte Bronzer then used an MUA £1 Blusher called on the apples of the cheeks.
- I highlighted the top of the cheekbones with an MUA 'pro base' kit which has a liquid highlighter in it (which I love)
- Holly's lips were quite dry and chapped so I applied a lip balm then some eye primer over the lips to even out colour and applied a pink lipgloss from Soap and Glory
- Finally I filled in her eyebrows with a shadow from the MUA palette 'Ever After' and that was her make over complete!

Doesn't she look Fab :)

Hope you enjoyed this post.. I have more make overs to share with you soon :)

Until next time...

Carly x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Smokey Eye Make Up For Blue Eyes, Make Them Pop!!

Hi there!

I did a smokey eye look today for blue eyes, I used the Make Up Academy 'Undress me too' and 'Ever After' Palettes to create this look.

I love the fact these palettes are only £4 and can create a great pigmented look and it really does last, I wore this look for 9 hours and it didn't budge.

So a little tip for blue eyes is to choose shadows with an orange base as this is the opposite of blue on the colour wheel it works really well to make blue eyes pop! Coppers, bronze, brown or bright orange (in trend this summer) will do the trick nicely!

Here is the look..

My eyes are actually a grey/blue and I really think these colours help to make them look brighter.

Would you wear this look, what is your favourite eyeshdow colour? 

Let me know, leave me a comment :)

Until next time..

Carly x